ProductRF Power Amplifier


EFT/버스트(4.8kV), 서지 조합파(6.6kV), 딥 인터럽트 및 변형, 링파(6.6kV) 및 자기장 테스트를 위한 다기능 발생기. 임펄스 모듈 선택은 테스트 요구 사항에 따라 다릅니다.


Class A, high power density, design has allowed us to produce a 1.0 GHz to 6 GHz amplifier series with power levels from 30 to 400 watts P1dB. These amplifiers are ideal for RF immunity testing in a GTEM Cell or with a wide range of available horn antenna such as the Teseq BHA range or readily integrated with an NSG 6000 to form part of a broadband RF test system. The touch screen colour display gives an immediate visual indication of forward and reverse power along with the current operating status of the amplifier and access to diagnostic information such as gate current and heatsink temperature. Fan speed adjusts depending on the heatsink temperature thus ensuring the minimum audio noise level possible in the operating environment. The inbuilt calibrated forward power coupler provides a quick and easy way to monitor forward power with any power meter. Input overdrive protection prevents damage to the input devices due to accidental high input power. Multiple remote interfaces are available as standard including USB, GPIB, RS232, and Ethernet.
  • Class A Operation
  • 100% Mismatch Tolerant with no Foldback
  • Ethernet, USB, RS232 & GPIB Interface
  • Calibrated Dual Directional Coupler
  • 3 Year Warranty