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RF Probes and Clamps

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  • Absorbing Clamps / Ferrite Tubes
    Absorbing Clamps / Ferrite Tubes

    Absorbing clamps are used for measuring interference signals on power supply cables. Decoupling clamps and ferrite tube are available for a variety of different EMC applications.

  • EM Clamps
    EM Clamps

    The KEMZ 801 is similar to the described EM clamp in the standard IEC/EN 61000-4-6 and injects the disturbance signal through a combination of inductive and capacitive coupling whilst decoupling the AE to values in excess of 10 dB above 10 MHz.

  • Current Injection Probes
    Current Injection Probes

    Current injection probes for different applications including IEC/EN 61000-4-6, automotive BCI testing e.g. MIL-STD-461 CS114, ISO 11452-4

  • Current Sensing Probes
    Current Sensing Probes

    Current sensing probes include the CSP models which allow the measurements of asymmetrical currents, and the MD models which allow current monitoring in active or passive modes.

  • Capacitive Voltage Probe
    Capacitive Voltage Probe

    The CVP is used for measuring on telecommunication ports for lines with more than four balanced pairs or for unbalanced lines.