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TESEQ은 최대 18GHz 애플리케이션을 위한 혼 안테나와 의료 표준에서 요구하는 루프 안테나를 포함하여 광범위한 고성능 EMC 안테나 제품을 보유하고 있습니다.

  • CBL 6141B
    CBL 6141B

    The Compact X-Wing® BiLog® For RF EMC emission and immunity testing in compact anechoic chambers. The combination of BiLog® technology with novel low frequency, folded elements (X-Wing®) allows low frequency power to be efficiently projected forward at 80 MHz without significantly affecting the high frequency elements.

  • CBL 6143A
    CBL 6143A

    The Compact X-Wing® BiLog® for RF EMC immunity testing The combination of BiLog® technology with novel low frequency, folded elements (X-Wings®) allows low frequency power to be efficiently projected forward without significantly affecting the high frequency performance and, at the same time, reduces the chamber coupling effects. The CBL 6143 has a unique matching network which will allow powers of up to 300 Watts CW to be transmitted, making it suitable for most immunity measurements requiring fields of 10 V/m, or even greater.

  • CBL 6111D
    CBL 6111D

    The ‘Classic’ BiLog® Antenna The CBL 6111 is a high performance ultra wideband BiLog® antenna for emission and immunity EMC testing. This is the original ‘classic’ BiLog® combining two antennas in one, making savings of at least 20 - 30% on test time and reducing measurement errors due to cable and connector wear.

  • CBL 6112D
    CBL 6112D

    Three Antennas In One The CBL 6112 operates over the unprecedented, wide range 30 MHz to 2 GHz. It effectively combines the performance of three standard EMC antennas, the Biconical, the Log Periodic and the Waveguide Horn. Considerable savings in the order of 40 - 50% can be made in expensive test time, plus the added benefit of improved repeatability and reliability by not having to laboriously disconnect and reconnect antennas during testing.

  • TEM Horn
    TEM Horn

    The basic EMC publication IEC / EN 61000-4-39 „Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) - Part 4-39: Testing and measurement techniques - Radiated fields in close proximity - Immunity test” describes test methods unique to the situation in which the transmitter is used in close proximity to the EUT. The Teseq TEM horn generates homogeneous fields in the large frequency range from 600 MHz to 6 GHz. Two optional available matching network adapters allow to extend the frequency range for the TETRA 400 and GMRS 460 / FRS 460 applications. Using the adapters means one TEM horn for all the bands. The mounting fixture allows easy adjustment for vertical, horizontal polarizations, and has a standard camera thread (1/4” X 20) hole that allows fitting to many support structures including all Teseq tripods (note Teseq adapters may be required). The combination TEM horn with dipole tube BAA 6001 is recommended for mounting the TEM horn to ∅ 22 mm mast / tripod holder.

  • HLA 6121
    HLA 6121

    The active loop antenna HLA 6121 is designed for operation in the frequency range 9 kHz to 30 MHz. It is ideally suited for magnetic field measurements as required by several standards (e.g. CISPR 11, CISPR 16-1-4, CISPR 16-2-3, FCC 18 and others). The built-in preamplifier matches the extremely low impedance of the loop to the measuring receiver. The HLA 6121 has a constant factor over the whole of its frequency range, making it ideal for swept measurement systems. The antenna is powered by an external DC supply like the EMI receiver’s transducer supply, battery pack or with the included power supply unit PSU 6001. The delivery of the HLA 6121 includes an adapter which offers the DC supply of the HLA 6121 via the coaxial cable. It allows most flexible operation and the location of the power supply unit outside the chamber.

  • Schwarzbeck

  • ETS-Lindgren