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Transient Immunity

ISO 7637에 정의된 대로 배터리 및 신호/데이터 라인 모두에서 수행되는 차량에서 발생하는 과도 전류에 대한 전자 및 전기 하위 어셈블리의 내성 테스트를 위한 시스템 으로 ISO 7637-2 및 ISO 7637-3, ISO 16750-2, ECE Reg. 10 및 많은 OEM 사양을 만족한다.

  • NSG 5500
    NSG 5500

    The compact and modular NSG 5500 solution offers the generators necessary for tests with capacitive discharge pulsed interference as called for by ISO, SAE, DIN and JASO, and others. The established test specifications for passenger cars together with the new standards for commercial vehicles published by these international and other bodies are fully covered, as are the most company-specific standards from vehicle manufacturers. Based on our exclusive Gemini technology, Teseq offers the most flexible and upgradeable system to protect the users’ investment. NSG 5500 system. This compact mainframe houses the common system components and accommodates the standard pulse generators. All testing is available from one output connector. An electronic switch to connect and disconnect the battery supply is in-corporated in the NSG 5500. Additional inputs and outputs are located on the rear panel for test execution control purposes and the monitoring of error signals, oscilloscope triggers, gate start/stop commands, etc. Overall control is via a PC running AutoStar™ under Windows.

  • PA 5840 & PA 5740 Family
    PA 5840 & PA 5740 Family

    This battery simulator is designed to replace the vehicle battery in the test environment. These sources must fulfill various criteria concerning power rating, voltage, slew rate, impedance, etc. depending on the particular application. Bi-polar current sources are specified for in several cases. With bandwidths three times the other amplifiers and inrush currents far exceeding other comparable solutions, pulse 2b, pulse 4, sine wave noise and other complex simulations are realm of the PA 5840 series. Of course the amplifier is also perfectly suited for ISO 7637 compliant simulated conducted transient testing. Offering combinations of features that exist in no other battery simulator, the PA 5840 series is the right product for your EMC needs. Designed specifically for automotive EMC testing, Teseq’s 42V ready amplifier sets the pace for automotive battery simulation including features necessary for automotive immunity testing such as sense wires for cable voltage drop compensation and several operating modes for stability with complex automotive loads. Consistent with the philosophy of the Teseq’s EMC concept, the PA 5840 utilizes a modular structure so that upgrades can be implemented in the future. The control unit, power stage and power supply are all separate rack-mounted functional units for easy exchanges and upgrading.

  • AES 5501
    AES 5501

    The AES 5501 is a system of electronic and mechanical switches, an artifi cial network, and a unique control station designed for emissions testing to ISO 7637-2. Having gone through meticulous development and intensive beta testing, the AES 5501 contains unique features and uncompromising quality and conformity found nowhere else. Consisting of a four-part solution, the user has complete control over where, when and how the switches can be placed and controlled, including the necessary drive voltages for the relays.